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Fuchs Performance Group, LLC is based in Southern California, USA, home one of the largest concentrations of Porsche vehicles. In 2005, the idea of designing and engineering high quality products for Porsche vehicles brought a small group of avid enthusiasts together to form Fuchs Performance Group.

The unmistakable style of the classic Porsche® 911

The most iconic sports car of all time, the Porsche 911 has steadily evolved since its introduction in 1963. A significant characteristic of the quintessential 911 was its forged aluminum wheels. Unmistakably Porsche, these gorgeous, lightweight five-spoke wheels were standard equipment on all 911s from 1966 to 1989.
Fast forward to 2005 – the 997 generation 911 debuts to much fanfare, in large part due to a design that represented a return to the design aesthetic of the original 911.
Updated in size and proportion, the latest generation 911 is as beautiful and capable as the original 911, and represents a more pure evolution in auto design and development than any other car. There could be only one way to improve on this iconic design.

The Fuchs® Wheel

Made from drop-forged aluminum and beautiful in design. The Fuchs wheel is as iconic as the car itself. A glimpse of the wheel is all it takes for every enthusiast to know what car it’s attached to. In that way, the Fuchs wheel is a icon in and of itself and the perfect wheel for your Porsche.
Fuchs Performance Group, LLC. has set its sight on manufacturing THE wheel for Porsche enthusiasts.

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Fuchs® is a registered trademark of Fuchs Performance Group, LLC.
Fuchs Performance Group, LLC is not associated with Porsche AG.
Porsche® is a registered trademark of Porsche AG.